Catalogue / 自己中毒啓発


This is the exhibition catalogue for Hiroko Komatsu’s solo exhibition “Self-Poisoning Enlightenment” (2021/1/7-1/19), which was held as part of “error CS0246”, a series of solo exhibitions by Hiroko Komatsu, Osamu Kanemura, and Yu Shinoda.
Since this exhibition was held under the state of emergency declared by the Corona disaster, we basically forbade visitors to enter the exhibition space and view the works through the windows of the exhibition space. From the window, we could see the changes of the stacked paper rolls that were exhibited, as they were distorted and changed shape over time.
This catalogue is complementary to the exhibition, which was closed to visitors as an effort to overlook the contradictory relationship between “exhibition” and “preservation/protection.” In addition to the exhibition records taken by Komatsu Hiroko and Shinoda Masaru, the catalogue includes documentary photographs taken by fixed-point observation cameras.


小松浩子、金村修、篠田優による連続個展「error CS0246」Vol.1として開催した小松浩子の個展「自己中毒啓発」(2021/1/7-1/19)の展覧会図録になります。

300 Limited Edition
36 pages
19 × 19 cm
Text by Yuri Mitsuda
Published by paper company

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