I borrowed an old real estate article a year to have my own gallery space. I named the gallery “Broiler Space”. For one year from 2010 through 2011, I performed a solo exhibition every month in “Broiler Space”. This real estate article is broken and does not exist now.

I’m writing short essays about “Broiler Space” in Japanese.

Broiler-SpaceBroiler Space, appearance
Broiler-SpaceBroiler Space, appearance

I performed a solo exhibition of Osamu Kanemura in commemoration of opening of “Broiler Space”. All the photographs placed in this page are photographs of the Osamu Kanemura exhibition.

Broiler-SpaceBroiler Space, the first floor
Broiler-SpaceBroiler Space, stairs

I performed special exhibitions other than my monthy exhibitions in “Broiler Space”. I performed two solo exhibitions of Osamu Kanemura for opening and closing of “Broiler Space”. I performed a solo exhibition of Tomoki Imai. I had a taling event with Takashi Yasumura and Kenji Takazawa for the exhibition of Tomoki Imai. The special display except it was Mitsuru Fujita, Miyabi Taniguchi, Daisuke Morishita and the old photograph which Niigata University owns.

Broiler-SpaceBroiler Space, the second floor