Screening “Modulation 8”

Silent Sound

Screening, Modulation 8

Dates: March 26 – 27, 2022
Open: 13:00 – 19:00
Location: The White (Tokyo, Japan)
Entrance fee: 1,000yen-
Tickets have to be purchased online in advance of your visit.


Silent Sound by Hiroko Komatsu will be screened by Modulation 8. This selection featured video works characterized by their non-narrative nature. Modulation 8 is a venue for the presentation of artists whose results do not fit into individual genres, such as video, photography, music, and fine arts.

Time Table

Artist: Armando Lulaj
Movie title: BREAKING STONES(2017)
Time: 10:31

Artist: Ikuhisa Sawada
Movie title: ejection device(2022)
Time: 09:36

Artist: Marco Mazzi
Movie title: FOLLOW US OR DIE! (2020-2022)
Time: 09:43

Artist: Osamu Kanemura
Movie title: Are You Public Domain? (2020)
Time: 25:10

Artist: Hiroko Komatsu
Movie title: Silent Sound(2020)
Time: 15:16

Artist: Shozaburo Ishida
Movie title: unknown diary(2021-2022)
Time: 30:00


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